How to use strace to fix program dependencies on Arch Linux

It's been several months since I last updated my Arch Linux system, and as you may know, one of Arch's main advantages is that it always provides you with the latest programs. There's no punctual release, you just update your system when you want and it retrieves the latest packages. Since the packages are updated so fast, the dependencies usually aren't perfectly right because they didn't go through a lot of testing. Read On →

What I don't like about Python

Python is one of my favorite programming languages, and is often praised for its design, but there are still some things that I find annoying. For example, you usually have the entry point of the program at the end of the source file. This is because if it calls any function defined in the module, it has to occur after those functions in the sources. I hate it when you have to spend time looking for the entry point of a program, so I always have a simple file with: def main(): ... Read On →